Mya Diamond

Mya Diamond was born April 11th, 1981, in Hungary. She has a baby sister, seventeen years her junior, whom she loves very much, and also a younger brother who finished high school last year. She grew up in Marcali, a small town near Balaton, raised mostly by her grandparents, for whom she has the greatest respect and affection. Her top priority in life is her family, which she has a strong and loving connection with: she says she lives for them, and would lay down her life for them.

At school she loved languages, and her favorite classes were English and German. When she finished high school she studied at college, working at a hotel and part time as a fashion model. She met her current boyfriend when she was seventeen, and she’s very happy that the relationship is still going strong. They decided to move to Budapest together in 2003, planning to earn some money and make a life for themselves. Not long after they’d arrived in the city, Mya started to receive offers of work in adult movies. She accepted one of them and, with her boyfriend, started working in the industry. Her favorite aspects of the job are that she’s never short of work, and that she gets to travel a lot. Mya genuinely likes her work, maintaining that it’s her second life. She’s very grateful to her boyfriend and her family for supporting the choices she’s made throughout her career.
As an endnote, she was recognized in 2005 as one of the sexiest women in the world by HIM magazine.


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